Vieri on Scamacca: “It’s complete, but it has to do the whole year like the last three months”

Christian Vieriin an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sportspoke about Gianluca Scamacca who will lead Italy’s attack at the European Championships in Germany whose start is set for today.

Does our center forward today, Scamacca, have something of Vieri?
“Nothing, in my opinion. Totally different in characteristics.”

Scamacca said that the coach was right to “whip” him with that missed call.
“It’s Gasperini, who saw him every day, who whipped him the most, in my opinion.”

For what, above all?
“Except for the final part of the season, he did less than he could. Someone like that must do for the whole year what he did in the last three months:
that is, almost always goals. He must always be so present, because he has everything to be a great center forward.”

All what?
“He’s complete: technically good, easy to play, great shot with both feet, strong in the head although he can improve. As in the back-to-goal game:
he can work more with his hands and arms to lean on defenders and make space for himself, especially on high balls.”

For how the national team plays, how well he knows how to “accompany” the team can be fundamental.
“He has an important quality for a striker, as football is today: he is good at seeing his teammates, at unmarking them. Even with backheels: they are part of his plays.”