Vicenza, Confente: “Bitter ending, but the year was full of emotions”

Alessandro Confente, Vicenza’s goalkeeper, through his Instagram profile, took stock of the red and white season: “And here we are, having reached the end of this season, an end that tastes bitter, that we still can’t accept after all the sacrifices and efforts made.
It was a year full of emotions, from very dark moments to extremely beautiful ones, sensations and memories that I will always carry within me.

Thanks to the staff for helping us and understanding us, for making us feel important, for managing to make each of us express ourselves at our best, but above all for allowing us to dream again.

Thanks to my companions, who have become brothers. A group of real men who became a family after all the countless difficulties faced and overcome together. Thanks to all the people who worked for us behind the scenes, quietly, without ever letting us miss anything. Thank you fans, despite the various roller coasters we put you through, you never abandoned us, in the end seeing you cry with us was proof of what we managed to create together.

Thanks, go Lane.”