“This is why Conte didn’t arrive…”. Milan, review Ibrahimovic’s words


In yesterday’s very long press conference, Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke about the strategies of Milan in view of the future, also explaining why Paulo Fonseca was chosen on the bench and above all why Antonio Conte was not thought of before sinking for the Portuguese:

Why not Conte?
“First we studied the type of coach and the approach to his game. Paulo Fonseca came out and we spoke to him face to face; so you feel him, you have a feeling; he is very ambitious, he has a great desire to work, to do well and to improve. In Milan there is a coach, not a manager. We didn’t discuss with Conte because the criteria we set, with all due respect to him, weren’t what we were looking for in him.”

Why didn’t you think of an Italian coach?
“Conte? For what we were looking for, Conte’s name didn’t come up. It depends on the material you have. For us, the best for what we have and for the identity we want to bring is Paulo Fonseca. It was important for us to take a coach who was it good for the team we have? They are on the list we are looking at, but today… We don’t have anyone in the national team, even if in my opinion Gabbia should have been there.”