Sylvinho on the eve of Italy: “It’s a big mess… In 2018 I drew on my debut against Switzerland”

Speaking at a press conference on the eve of the Euro 2024 match against Italy, the coach Sylvinho took stock of his Albania. These are his declarations: “If for you Italy’s formation is a big doubt, it is for us too… Italy adapts, plays the 4-3-3 or the 3-4-3. It is not a problem, they are a tough, difficult team. Something changes when they defend and attack, but if we talk on a general level Italy is strong regardless of the formation, they defend very well and concede very little. In the final part of the pitch they have a lot of players good goalkeeper? We still have to choose, we haven’t decided yet.”

You play against three big…
“It’s a big mess… We understand the greatness of the competition and the opponents. In 2018 with Brazil we started by drawing against Switzerland. It’s a very tough championship, once you don’t win the first match then maybe the favorites put you in difficulty. We have our pressure, we have to try. It’s a decisive match for Italy, for them yes. In 2018 I had a similar experience with Brazil. We go on the pitch to try and we see, it’s a very tough competition anything can happen in minutes.”

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