Spain, Yamal is also among the pre-summoned squad for the Olympic Games. But Barça won’t leave him

Two days after the debut at Euro 2024, in Spain we are also thinking about the Olympic Games. The newspaper As he says that, despite Barcelona having agreed with the Federation to let him go Yamal laminae at the European Championship and Pau Cubarsi at the world championship, Yamal also appears on the list of those pre-summoned for the Olympic Games.

Within this list there is also another Blaugrana gem, in addition to Cubarsì and Yamal, namely Fermín Lopez. And then again, looking at the other clubs, the names of Nico Williams and Alex Baena stand out. Santi Denia has also called up Abel Ruiz, Sergio Gómez, Oihan Sancet and Rodrigo Riquelme.

Returning to the discussions at Barcelona, ​​according to the Spanish newspaper, precisely because they are the pre-summoned players, the Catalan club is calm on the subject. Yamal will not go to the Olympic Games and the Federation knows this.