Spain, De la Fuente: “We can do something important. Yamal? It’s special”

The Spain coach Luis De la Fuente he spoke like this – as reported by AS – on the eve of the match against Croatiawith which the adventure of the Roja at the 2024 European Championships.

Is Laporte available?
“He hasn’t trained with the group in the last two days, but he could play in the match against Croatia. He won’t do it as a precaution. He has some discomfort and doesn’t play as a protector. Laporte is perfectly fine.”

Do you know that, statistically, more cards and suspensions fall on central defenders than on any other position?
“It may be that at the beginning the card environment is simpler than the withdrawal. In the path we have there is not much incidence of cards. We are good professionals. Our central defenders have experience and know how to read the matches. The players know that I have a motto: let’s enter eleven and leave eleven”.

What do you think is the reason for the disaffection towards the national team?
“Spain is the best country in the world. We must feel more proud of who we are and perhaps this is the reason. Having said that, however, we are talking about the expectation of 12,000 Spanish fans for the match, and this means that people are fascinated. We fight with that national feeling. It’s our responsibility to convey it so that people move. We have to give them reasons to follow us. I’m sure there will be a fantastic atmosphere in the Nations League.

Will the two wingers Lamine and Nico play against Croatia?
“Lamine is particularly young. He has a talent that only the elite have. They are people who understand the game and mature earlier, we try to support them and make them natural. From humility you will work much harder. When his performance drops the criticisms will be We try to educate him, like in his club, in that context. They are special players. They have that touch that makes them different. I would have liked to have seen Ferran and Ayoze train. the surprise will be for you…”.

Do you already know the team?
“I have decided, but first I want to talk to the players.”

Which final ranking would you consider good for Spain?
“It’s about doing the job well and competing. Finish every game with a clear conscience. How far will we go? Be ready to fight for something important. Fight for the final. When I’m happy to have given everything, I can’t give more. We will try to go as far as possible.”

How do you see the team?
“We face the match with enthusiasm. We have worked exceptionally well for fifteen days. We do it calmly and with the belief that we can do something important. Changing at this point would be bad. I was like this now and ten years ago.”