Sommer: “Crazy atmosphere at San Siro, Inter is a club that must always be at the top”

The Nerazzurri goalkeeper Yann Sommer spoke to the microphones of Blick explaining what surprised him most since he arrived in Milan: “The atmosphere in the stadium. I had already played at San Siro with my former club, Borussia Mönchengladbach, but in front of zero fans during the coronavirus. It was desolating. So I didn’t know exactly what to expect when we played the first home match against Monza. It all started outside when we went to the stadium with the team bus. There was a crazy atmosphere, thousands of fans crowded on the sides of the road and in front of the stadium. entrance. When we arrived at San Siro it was a great emotion. This passion, this enthusiasm of the people! All this took my breath away. Inter is also a club where everyone always expects the team to be at the top , at the top, at the top. If things don’t work, problems arise quickly. The experience was formative and made me strong, it was a great challenge for me, but also for the team. Despite everything we became champions and this it’s one of the reasons why I moved to Milan with good feelings.”

Has Appiano Gentile become your second home?
“I already spend a lot of time at the camp. Having breakfast and lunch here is not mandatory, but it is definitely a good idea. There is a large dining room, with half a dozen cooks who prepare excellent dishes for us in collaboration with a nutritionist very strict. You can feel his passion for cooking. Here everyone has their own room, which can be decorated according to their wishes. I like staying here, the structure is very nice and gives you a nice feeling as soon as you arrive.”

Do you like the city?
“I live a little outside the city with my family, but I’m always in the city. The Italians’ affinity for fashion is clearly visible on the street and I like that.”