Sebastiani may have a new partner. The former Pontedera Navarra can join Pescara

New possible members for the Pescara, members who have already had experience in football, in Tuscany. And more precisely in Livorno and Pontedera. As we read above, The road to Rosettano Navarra now seems to be clear towards the Abruzzo club, which would therefore have further strength to support the president Daniele Sebastiani. According to what the Tgr Rai Abruzzothe aforementioned Navarra would take 20% of the share package, although it cannot be ruled out that his commitment could be greater.

Navarra, who had declined the proposal received for the purchase of Ancona, is therefore ready, but the ball is now at Sebastiani’s feet, who could also opt for the total sale of the club to one of the two foreign groups that have move on it; among the possible buyers, however, the former Imolese player Antonio De Sarlo does not appear, an option flatly denied by the aforementioned Sebastiani.

Everything is evolving, but updates now seem to be expected as soon as possible, also because the season will then have to be planned, which with the support of Navarra could also become quite ambitious; not that the previous ones hadn’t been, at least on paper, but the results have always betrayed expectations. Now a new story could be written.