Scotland’s report cards – Collective disaster. McTominay flops, Porteous from red

Final result: Germany-Scotland 5-1

Gunn 5.5 – Not flawless on Wirtz’s shot from the edge of the box in the 10th minute, he is blameless on the four subsequent goals by Musiala, Havertz, Fullkrug and Can.

Ralston 4.5 – In obvious and constant difficulty in his own lane, he is forced to limit himself to the defensive phase but the evening is to be forgotten.

Porteous 4 – His European Championship could not have started in a worse way: many defensive errors, then the expulsion in the 44th minute after a killer challenge on Gundogan in the penalty area.

Hendry 4.5 – On the night in Munich, there are pains for all the Scottish central defenders: even the match of the class of ’95 for Al-Ettifaq turns out to be full of inaccuracies, absolutely not to be committed against a battleship like the German one.

Tierney 4.5 – The same opinion expressed for Tierney applies. Against Switzerland, on the second day, a redemption will be mandatory. From 77′ McKenna sv

Robertson 4.5 – Bad evening for one of the leaders of Clarke’s team. The experienced Liverpool defender gave too much space to Kimmich in the 1-0 lead and, after this mistake, he was no longer able to raise his head.

McTominay 4.5 – A distant relative of the McTominay admired during the EURO 2024 qualifiers. Never in a match, the ninety minutes against Germany represent perhaps the lowest point of the United player’s season.

Christie 5 – There is nothing to save in Scotland’s debut in the continental review: the 29-year-old from Bournemouth never has the opportunity to show off. From 82′ Shankland sv

McGregor 4.5 – He never sees it in midfield: the opponents do what they want, dominating far and wide in his area. From 67′ Gilmour 5.5 – One of the greats excluded from the starting eleven, he was sent onto the field with the match now largely closed in favor of Germany.

McGinn 5 – On the pitch for just over an hour, he doesn’t have any playable ball: he does what he can when not in possession, but this is certainly not the most suitable situation for his characteristics. From 67′ McLean 5.5 – A few moments after his entry, Germany drops the poker with Fullkrug: for this reason, the final segment he played is not very indicative.

Adams 4.5 – Who has seen? Deployed from the first minute in the offensive department in place of Shankland, he failed on his debut, ending up touching only a handful of balls and at a sidereal distance from Neuer’s goal. From 46′ Hanley 5.5 – Clarke removes an attacker to insert the Norwich defender, who however does very little in the second half.

Steve Clarke 4.5 – A horror debut at EURO 2024 for Scotland, still looking for their first victory in the final phase of the continental tournament since 1996. Totally at the mercy of Germany, the British never entered the match: Musiala’s double sealed the score after 19 minutes ‘, while Porteous’ expulsion kicks off the goleada of Nagelsmann’s men.