Sacchi: “Fonseca didn’t do so well in Rome. Milan, I hope he has improved…”


The former coach and coach, Arrigo Sacchispoke on the sidelines of the ‘Milan Football Week’ organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport on the eve of Italy’s debut at the 2024 European Championships. These are his statements collected by TMWstarting from the choice of Fonseca for Milan: “I saw him when he coached in Ukraine and he did well, in Rome not so much. In France I didn’t follow him, let’s hope he improved. Regarding Milan I would add that this year he won’t he always played in 11…”.

This ending between Allegri and Juve was expected?
“I didn’t expect it to end so badly. It’s a football that makes you look for the most expensive players because you don’t have a game.”

Galliani said that Mister Nesta reminds him of Sacchi: he agrees?
“It’s not like that, don’t be smart. Nesta was a great player, he’s a golden boy and I wish him all the best possible. He must have personality and not be afraid.”

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