Parma, Pecchia: “The priority on the market is to confirm the squad. Then we’ll add something”


The Parma coach Fabio Pecchia spoke to the microphones of TMW on the sidelines of the Milan Football Week organized by the Gazzetta dello Sport:

Great things are always expected from Parma on the market too, but the motto has always been down to earth…
“Absolutely. Our real coup in the transfer market will be the continuity of the work and the group, even if we have to take into account that we will face a very different championship compared to Serie B”.

How do you evaluate the possibility of coaching in Serie A again?
“It’s important, my journey has seen many experiences. This is another important stage in my career.”

Is there a desire to remove the label of the coach who only does well in Serie B?
“I want to maintain my style of play. I have worked in C, in B, in Serie A, in different cities and in different countries. I remain like this. I want to play my experience in Serie A with my style of play, with a fun team knowing that behind it there is a historic club that gives us a sense of responsibility.”

Did he take anything from Benitez?
“The working method, which was fundamental. It gave me the opportunity to learn about another way of working, I had international experiences with top players and I carry all this with me.”

Will Italy-Spain watch it with him?
“If there is an opportunity, yes… There is an interest in seeing the European Championships.”

What market will it be for Parma?
“Continuity… Continuing with our group, this will be the big acquisition. Then we will complete the squad, let’s also remember that the players are all from the club. The club has very clear ideas.”

Is there any news on the renewal?
“I keep saying it’s not a priority…”.

Have you seen anything different in Italy?
“There is interest, I want to see Spalletti who always leaves something extraordinary in what he does. We are all rooting for Italy. There has always been skepticism, but we’ll see. We have quality players and a coach top, there are opportunities to have our say.”