Mayor Lecco: “Di Nunno has done a lot but his exit is inevitable”

The Di Nunno era ended in Lecco, with the change of ownership in favor of Aniello Aliberti which has materialized in the last few days. The mayor of the city, Mauro Gattinoni, welcomed the new Bluceleste president from the microphones of “The epilogue was inevitable, with the departure of Di Nunno and his family, who did so much for Lecco. results arrived thanks to him, unfortunately the downward trend that was triggered by the second half of the championship led to the need to find another buyer and the figure of Aliberti represents the solidity that Lecco needs.

From the stadium’s point of view, the agreement with the Municipality is worth 50 thousand euros, we are not talking about stratospheric figures and it is a figure that the Municipality is giving up due to the investment made by Di Nunno for the renovation of the system. The convention can be discussed, Aliberti knows it and I am available to review it.”