Italy, what praise from Donnarumma to Scamacca: “He does incredible things. Great striker”

Gigio Donnarummacaptain of Italy who will make his debut at Euro2024 tomorrow evening against Albania, in the press conference also spoke about the moment and strength of Gianluca Scamacca, a striker who will be a starter in Spalletti’s eleven in Dortmund:

How do you see Scamacca? Have we solved the center forward problem?
“Gianluca is a great striker who has made giant strides in the last period, I’ve watched every single match and he’s done incredible things. He can make the difference in every situation and it’s important to have a point of reference going forward, a point of support We are happy to have him and then alternatively we have Retegui and Raspadori, who have different qualities but can still give us a great hand.”

Do you know that tomorrow it is mandatory to win?
“If you win tomorrow you put an important brick on your qualification, the first match is always important. We have a difficult group and winning tomorrow would put us in a different position: without points tomorrow we then have to have greater responsibility in the following two matches. Having said that, our The objective is to score points and win all three matches.”

With what spirit will you face your debut match tomorrow? Do you feel like a leader?
“The spirit is there, when you face a competition like this the energy comes naturally to you, the spirit will be that of three years ago and we will try to retrace those magical nights. I try to give everything, to advise the team on what it was three years ago but the team is already ready, they won’t need my advice. Those who were there three years ago will give the new ones the instructions to get to the end.”