Italy, Spalletti: “Stretcher to be evaluated between today and tomorrow. Calafiori? He’s someone who also wants to score”

During his speech at Sky Sportsthe blue technical commissioner Luciano Spalletti he also spoke about some singles from his squad such as Nicolò Barella and Riccardo Calafiori. This is the thought of the Italy coach:

How is the team? Barella and Frattesi have returned…
“That’s what he knows best, Barella. He has a free and clean kick, so we’re counting on it. It’s clear that he still has to do well in today’s and tomorrow morning’s training, then we’ll decide.”

Could Calafiori be in the game?
“Calafiori has shown that we can trust him and that he has the quality of an international footballer. He plays the defender when the others have the ball, but when the ball has it he needs to chase it, because he wants to go to score a goal”.