Infantino closed to Fiorentina. The agent: “We will talk to the club, he willingly stays but only if they are interested in us”


One year ago, Gino Infantino arrived at Florentine as a great prospect of South American football. A starter in Rosario Central and Argentina Under 20 at the World Cup, he then spent an anonymous season in Viola, peppered with very few minutes in the Italian team. Talking about it, as well as his future, exclusively to And TMW he is his agent Fabian Soldini:

What is your opinion of this first year in Florence for Gino?
“We are happy. Clearly we would have liked him to have played more, but we are happy because for us and also for Gino it was a very good experience as an adaptation to the culture, the country, the language, the training sessions and Italian football.”

And what idea did Gino have of this season?
“He remained happy. He would have liked to play more, but he also knows that he had to make a general adaptation and that happened. When we arrived we already knew that he would not be a starter, in fact we always talked about the acclimatization which was necessary in terms of culture, language and training methods”.

But he expected a little more space last season.
“A little more yes, because he is young. We just wish she would play more, a little more and nothing more. Because I repeat, we are very happy.”

He could also have played for a shirt for the Olympics, given the Under 20 World Cup just a year ago.
“He won’t go to the Olympics because he hasn’t played much this year, we accept it because the players at the Olympics are 23 years old, Gino is only 21. But he’s fine, he knows what it takes to get to the Under 23s and he knows that he would have needed more playing time, but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. The important thing, however, is to accept the situation, Gino did it and is happy with the year he spent. Obviously he wanted to have more space but for him this year hasn’t been negative, but very positive.”

But after so little playing time, will he stay next year too?
“We don’t know, we need to see what the club thinks first. There is still a long contract and if the coach needs him, he will stay. Otherwise, we will look for other clubs. If he plays yes, otherwise no. As I said, he is doing very well in Florence and at Fiorentina but we have to understand what the club wants from him now: if the club wants him to stay well, otherwise he won’t stay. We depend on Fiorentina and we have to compare ourselves, but what the club prefers will be fine for us.”

And have you already discussed it with Fiorentina?
“Not yet. We must first wait for Fiorentina and see what they say. If they want to use him he will stay, because we are very happy in Florence, Gino is very happy. We need to see what the club’s desire is because his card belongs to the Viola. What Fiorentina decides will be the best decision for us too.”

In the meantime, have you had offers or calls from other clubs?
“For now nothing. We won’t talk about anything or with anyone until we have first spoken to Fiorentina.”