Hungary, Rossi: “We didn’t get here by chance. Switzerland? It defends itself very well”

Marco Rossicoach ofHungaryspoke thus in a press conference on the eve of the match against Swiss which will open the European Magyar Championships. An important match for both teams, who will already know the result of the match between Germany and Scotland scheduled for this evening: Below are his statements, reported by Nemzetisport: “My players already feel the pressure: you can’t avoid this pressure, but you have to manage it, you have to concentrate on your game. We didn’t get here by chance. The Swiss defend very well and have several fast players in front, you don’t have to pay attention to only one player.

In modern football it is important that goalkeepers also play well with their feet, I think that both represent a high level in this sense, obviously the most important thing is that they carry out their tasks well.

Xhaka has been among the best in the world in his role lately, he is one of the main custodians of the Swiss game, but I can also mention Akanji, Frueler and Vargas among the key players. As for Loic Nego, he is as Hungarian as me, as he is also a Hungarian citizen. He’s a great guy, I can’t even describe how much he gives to the team as a human being. However, he is currently struggling with an injury, so he will not be able to play tomorrow.”