Giuntoli and Thiago Motta, victory agreement. The new Juventus project is born

The official arrival of Thiago Motta is the first combination to start the domination of the Juve home market. It is very true that in recent weeks Giuntoli has already moved a lot, always in synergy and in full agreement with the new Juventus leader, but now the real Madama transfer carousel begins, baptizing concrete facts and defined deals. The Giuntoli-Motta axis moves by carefully analyzing all the Juventus squad available, applying reflections and anatomizing all the pieces of the puzzle to be weighed, a work that began a few weeks ago, and which is proceeding profitably: proof of this is the full activity of the director in finding new reinforcements, introducing young people or interpreters into the negotiations who are not considered useful for the new project, by the new Juventus coach. A combination at work that aims to make the team competitive again, with an eye on sustainability and the green line, two cornerstones of the summer transfer campaign that has just started. That the midfield needs to be fortified is a clear and well-known cornerstone, so the Continassa partnership has already moved on some objectives, which are on everyone’s lips at the moment. Douglas Luiz is a player who is considered very important for his abilities as an interdictor and recovers balls, but who also knows how to show off vision of the game, physicality, dynamism, ballistic conclusions and polite feet, so the negotiation with Aston Villa is moving towards the closure, with Juve ready to enter the cards of McKennie, Iling Jr. and an adjustment of around 18 million to ensure a midfielder with great capabilities and a perfect identikit for Motta, like the green and gold.

The strong interest in Koopmeiners persists, a Giuntoli favorite that has always been favored by the Coach: the zebra club has been following the Dutchman for many months, now they are looking for a formula capable of satisfying the high Orobic requests, perhaps introducing a technical counterpart to choose from in the pack of young black and white players. The high valuation of 60 million for the card requires finding an ideal and perfect solution to acquire the sporting performances of the Orange midfielder. While waiting for Rabiot to definitively untie the knot linked to whether or not he will remain in Turin, he is a pawn that the Juventus duo respects and hopes to keep in Juventus.
In any case, the management is putting a lot of effort into a department that, in recent years, has shown signs of weakness, little alchemy and limited technical-tactical alternatives, reinforcing a crucial sector capable of commanding the game, as Thiago Motta loves to do. If these three negotiations are crowned with success, Madama’s midfield will be able to define itself as much improved, being able to count on relevant players who will be added to the confirmations of Fagioli, Locatelli and a young player, perhaps one of Miretti or Barennechea.
While waiting to understand if the problems between the two clubs will be resolved soon, Szczesny is waiting for the green light to move to Arabia, to Al Nassr, a factor that would allow Di Gregorio to be made official and Perin to be renewed. Now Juventus and the Arab club must reach an agreement on the compensation that the Juventus club will have to receive for selling the Polish goalkeeper’s contract, news is expected shortly.

Calafiori has been a priority since at least the month of January, Juventus wanted him first, let alone with the arrival of Motta, his mentor and promoter. Bologna is aiming high for the rossoblù defender, the Bologna team like some of the youngsters from Madama’s cantera, and they have a keen and complacent eye towards Nicolussi Caviglia and not only that, here too it will be necessary to find a brilliant agreement capable of satisfying the parties, which is not easy but in full discussion in recent weeks. In attack, the situations of several profiles will have to be eliminated, with the very thorny situation linked to Chiesa, the evaluations relating to Kean and Milik and the Vlahovic affair, who from next season will receive a monstrous salary of 12 million.
Speaking of Dusan, all the members of the club and those close to the player want to continue the relationship, but it will be necessary to find an agreement, from a purely economic point of view, implementing a salary spread that is currently totally out of reach for Juve’s coefficients. Otherwise there could be a risk of new developments on the market. The Giuntoli-Thiago Motta duo is working at full capacity, under the watchful but enthusiastic eye of the fans who can’t wait for the new Juventus to be unveiled, subject to a lively market which, from now on, will require certainties and deals ready to close.
The arrival of the Italian-Brazilian coach is only the first piece of the new Juve which will have to return to providing certainties, generating enthusiasm and passion in all the fans who raise the banner bearing the two sacred colours.