Germany’s report cards – Wirtz shines, Kroos draws football again. Musiala prime, it’s 8

Final result: Germany-Scotland 2-1

Neuer 6 – Scotland last too little, so he spends three quarters of the match leaning against the post, enjoying the spectacle put on by his teammates on the pitch.

Kimmich 6.5 – An assist from a full-back who thinks like a midfielder, or as a midfielder loaned to the defense, you name it. On paper he plays as a defensive midfielder, at least for tonight, but in reality you can find him across the pitch.

Rudiger 6 – We will remember the own goal, in which there was a lot of bad luck, but first he held up well, without any problems, never giving the feeling of being in trouble in the (few) offensive sorties of the Scots.

Tah 6 – Scotland’s attacking game lasted too little, in reality, for a complete judgement. But in the rare moments of intensity of the opponents he does nothing wrong.

Mittelstadt 6.5 – He had never played for the national team until March, now he gives the feeling of being able to become an immovable for Nagelsmann because he combines good offensive qualities with an excellent defensive phase.

Andrich 6 – Nagelsmann chooses him because he has to bite the ankles, to make quantity while having good quality. He does it, gets a yellow card and doesn’t return to the pitch at half-time. From 46′ Groos 6 – He runs a lot, he varies on the whole front. Half an hour of interdiction and construction.

Kroos 7 – We launch an appeal to Mr. Toni Kroos, with the hope that he will accept it: think again, Herr Toni, please. Passes, recoveries, touches in tight spaces, 100% passes completed: no, all this football can’t end. Don’t retreat. From the 80th minute Emre Can 6.5 – He takes away the urge to score at the very last second for the final 5-1: what does it mean to enter with the right head? Here’s an example.

Musiala 8 – If he leaves, you don’t take him. Never. But really never. The goal is just one of the many things he gives to Germany. The playmaker, the elusive one, the one who makes fun of everyone with his plays. The brightest star of the first evening of the European Championship.

Gundogan 6.5 – He has a series of terrible kids around him, but perhaps the most terrible of all is still him. Today the work is a little darker, but it runs faster than all of them. And you can always find him in the opponent’s penalty area. Good thing these legs are still holding up (message to Porteous).

Wirtz 7.5 – The first goal of Euro 2024, of the European Championship being played at his home, but at the home of Bayern Munich, was scored by the Bayer Leverkusen star who stole the title from the Bavarians. There’s a little bit of magic, like in his feet.

Havertz 7 – Two shots, both on target. A goal, from a penalty, with great coolness. An assist. Every duel won, four out of four. The ‘9’ is false, of modern interpretation. The numbers are very true. These are enough, this is enough: 7. From 63′ Fullkrug 7 – It takes him five minutes to leave his stamp. He also scores a double, but it is disallowed. He doesn’t change much: he confirms that he is a top level striker.

Julian Nagelsmann 7.5 – To understand the type of football he has in mind, someone like him, just look at the action of the first goal: two plus one to build, all the other seven in the last third of the pitch, with perfect occupation of the spaces. An aggressive, intense football. Beautiful. If Germany has absorbed him as he made it seem tonight, there’s trouble for everyone else.