Former Brindisi Valentini: “Among the newly promoted teams, watch out for Trapani and Campobasso”

TMW Radio

In the morning appointment of To All CProgram of TMW Radio dedicated to Serie C, intervened the former General Director of Brindisi Pierluigi Valentiniwho spoke first of all about the newly promoted teams: “Trapani has a dynamic president who wants to do great things, he challenged Milan and Bologna in basketball after having risen to A1. But the one who has greater economic strength is Campobasso, there is a president with great ideas. I was surprised by Braglia’s idea, but it is clear that an experienced profile was sought for the bench: with him, a solid club with the enthusiasm that promotion brings can become an important outsider, even if it will be necessary to understand which group he will be placed in.”

According to Group C, where Brindisi played, which club shouldn’t we expect another negative season from?
“This year’s Group C was full of fame, but not of extraordinary quality: for next season I expect a higher level of quality, it’s still a hell of a group because there are so many important places. In the last two years, especially this year, with the exception of Cesena, the other two promoted were a surprise: Mantova came from a repechage, Juve Stabia did not have the expectations of the others and my friend Calabro’s Carrarese was not the favorite. Avellino will now start as favourites, but watch out for Catania, Faggiano and Toscano are two guarantees. The Benevento project, however, I see as a bit confusing.”

Among the second teams, who can do the best things?
“I believe that Juve has already done something very special and I believe that the second team’s project is almost more intriguing than that of the first. Juventus and Atalanta are already certainties, and I expect very important things from Milan, who have chosen an Ajax manager for the U23s: he should go by regulation in Group C and it will be interesting to see what he does.”