Djimsiti: “We know Italy’s strengths and weaknesses well. It’s not the challenge between me and Scamacca”

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5.22pm – The Albania and Atalanta defender will be at the press conference with Sylvinho Berat Djimsiti. The defender fresh from winning the Europa League is the captain of Sylvinho’s expedition.

5.46pm – The press conference begins.

There are many of you who come from Serie A. Is this an Italy you know? How strong is it?
“I have been in Serie A for many years and many players of the Italian national team play in Serie A, we know who we are playing against. As regards the weak points, we have analyzed many aspects with our coach, we know what to do. But Italy clearly won the last European Championship, we know she is very prepared and we have the utmost respect.”

Is the match against Italy the most important for you?
“All three matches are very difficult and important, but clearly the first match can change our path if we start with the right attitude. It could change the qualification issue.”

You could play against Scamacca, have you spoken to each other?
“I know him very well, we’ve been training together for a year, every day. But we haven’t talked about this match: we celebrated together when we won the Europa League, but the most interesting thing is Italy-Albania, not Djimsiti -Scamacca”.

Italy hasn’t seemed in very good shape lately
“We analyzed them and I believe that the coach was able to identify the weak and strong points, we will try to make the most of these indications.”

What is Serie A about this Albanian national team?
“Experience counts a lot, not only me but also the coach has a past in Italy. Many players have been or are in Italy, as I have said many times this experience can help you but you always play against Italy, a team that plays to win the trophy. We have to be careful.”

How come many of you who were not born in Albania but of Albanian parents then decide to play for The Eagles?
“It’s very simple, our parents grew up in Albania or Kosovo. We were born in other countries, but at home we speak Albanian, you grow up Albanian with Albanian traditions and therefore the choice is easier.”

What experience did this Europa League victory give you?
“Winning the Europa League was a journey and during a growth journey there are positive and negative moments, then when victory is close you give everything to achieve it. Now we are in the national team and it will be important to approach the tournament in the best possible way and give our best maximum”.

What did the technical commissioner give you?
Sylvinho brought a lot of joy, a lot of work. We know how much he works every day in Albania to make our national team stronger, he was also a great footballer and he can give us a lot, we also saw it during the qualifying phase. Many compliments to the coach and his staff.”

5.58pm – Press conference concluded.