De Vrij on the 5.2 million euro compensation: “I was naive, it was a lesson”

Speaking at the microphones of Trouwthe Inter defender Stefan De Vrij spoke about the legal case he won against the previous agency Sports Entertainment Group, which earned him a huge compensation of 5.2 million euros: “Due to the friendship that existed in the past with many SEG employees, I lost sight of the side commercial. So I didn’t ask for certain things because I didn’t want to seem suspicious. That was a lesson: you always have to remain professional. Now I have an agent who discusses everything with me very clearly and transparently.”

The words of De Vrij’s agent, Federico Pastorello, to TMW
Can De Vrij return to Holland? “Stefan has had various interests from important clubs in Holland. He still sees himself in Italy at Inter 100%, then in the future you can never know. At the moment we consider him at Inter.”