Como, Fabregas: “Ramos or Modric? We don’t have money for these names, intelligent market”

Cesc Fabregasassistant technician and shareholder of How promoted to Serie A, he spoke from the stage of the Milan Football Week organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport: “We didn’t win the championship, when we took the team it was the number one objective. Finally, after Citadel, there was a moment where I thought we could get there. But it’s true that Parma has done something extraordinary and we are proud of this historic promotion.”

Now he will get his license and become a full-fledged coach.
“Yes, I did the journey in England and now I complete it here. In Italy there are many coaches who have made history, it is a pleasure to learn from them. My idea is to hear everyone’s opinion, talk about football and make everyone feel free, then I’ll make the final choice but I like to talk about family.”

Serie B is very balanced, do you agree and why?
“The objective was to prepare the match in the most complete way, depending on the opponent. I see football like this, I think it was the best thing we did and I think the team grew a lot during the season.”

Fabregas is also a member of Como. Besides the pitch, what plans do you have?
“Tourism is an important aspect, for the city and for the community. The club is doing an incredible job, not just in football: it is a very serious property, which wants to move forward step by step. Maybe we arrived in Serie A earlier than expected, but we want to work well and slowly: when I arrived as coach we didn’t have a sports center and little by little we are making it a quality one. I think the stadium will become the best stadium in Europe, it is important to pursue reasonable growth.”

Incredible names are going around now, Ramos, Modric… what kind of market will it be?
“We’re waiting to see how the market goes, but we don’t have the money to sign certain players. We have to do things intelligently, make the right choice on each position, without thinking about the name or marketing. Let’s be serious, the club knows me and the director thinks like me. We are here to face every match with the mentality of winning.”

Keep playing?
“I’m not a coach who likes to play with players. I don’t miss football at all.”

Another B coach you liked?
“I really liked Catanzaro, a very fun and courageous team. Obviously Venezia, for me with Parma the strongest team in the championship. It was a very difficult team to analyze and of a very high level.”

The European Championships start tonight. Who wins it?
“I don’t know, there’s a lot of quality and I’m sure of it. We are waiting for Italy-Spain, I think it will be a top match, with great coaches and young players. The most important match is the first.”