Castrovilli avoids questions about the future: “Two difficult years, but now I’m ready to return”

Gaetano CastrovilliFiorentina midfielder, whose contract expires on June 30th, spoke to Sky Sports. These are his words, starting with the emotions he felt in 2021 at the European Championship he won with the Italy shirt: “Emotions cannot be explained if you don’t experience those moments. I hope that this year there is the same alchemy that there was it was in 2021, winning the European Championship was an incredible feeling.”

You were called up at the last minute to replace Pellegrini. How did you experience that moment?
“I was at my parents’ house in Puglia and I received the phone call from Mancini. My heart burst. I was excited, wearing the blue shirt was a pride.”

Do you feel the same sensations that led you to win this European Championship too?
“The fans in Germany will be an extra boost from all the Italian people.”

Is he hearing his companions?
“No, but we have a group from the European Championship and we are writing to everyone, sending good luck.”

Where will your next season be?
“My goal is to wear the blue shirt again. Now I’m well and I’m training on holiday. The important thing is to put aside the bad stops, I did it thanks to my family and my son.”

The beginning of his career was not as a footballer but as a dancer.
“It helped me a lot with coordination. As a child I did ballet and then I stopped because I was the only boy and I was ashamed. I started playing in the street and this also helped me a lot, then I enrolled in a football school and after 5 months I was called by Bari. Maybe I still don’t realize that I am truly a professional player.”

How much impact did your grandfather, a great Bari fan, have on your career?
“Anyway, I started football school after his death and he wanted me to play for Bari.”

How do you see Italy tomorrow night against Albania? Who is the favorite for the European Championship?
“I think one of the favorites is England, then there’s France. But I don’t underestimate my teammates, we have strong, young players.”

What will be Italy’s secret weapon?
“It all starts from the group, from unity and from alchemy. All of this helps to win.”

Where will we see her next year?
“They’ve been a bit difficult two years, because when a player gets injured it’s never easy. Now I’m back, I’m fine and my son is one more reason. I can’t wait to play again in the next championship and regain the blue shirt”.