Cairo: “Here we are, we will soon have the new Turin coach.” Vanoli remains on pole


Urban Cairopresident of Turinspoke on the sidelines of the Milan Football Week organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport on the eve of Italy’s debut at the 2024 European Championships: “What do I expect from Italy? Ours is a very young, new national team, Spalletti has had little time to coach, he obviously has to grow further. But he is making progress, there are many good young players. I don’t want to have too high expectations, let’s play it game by game starting from Albania.

Among the good young players are Buongiorno and Bellanova from Torino. “I’m proud that they are in the national team, they are also very good guys, they have made crazy progress this year, they have grown during the season in an incredible way. I really hope that they can make a good contribution.”

Did you hear them? “They don’t need advice, it’s a great opportunity for them, they have a great coach, there’s a companion like Buffon who is an extraordinary person, in short there’s everything they need. I just wish them good luck” .

Is there a figure on Buongiorno that would convince you to let it go? “I’ve already said it other times, I didn’t think about this because I didn’t put Buongiorno on the market. He stayed with us last year and I was very happy with that, he had a very remarkable championship, so I’m keeping him close. Now Let’s see how the European Championships go, I wish him the best and I hope he will be with us next year wearing the captain’s armband.”

Good morning, maybe you will be coached at Turin by Vanoli? “We will have the coach shortly, I would say that we are there soon. Any steps forward? I didn’t say who he is, there are steps forward in general…”.

What season do you expect from next year? “In the meantime, now let’s try to make the right choices for the coach and the players, then we’ll see. Now let’s concentrate on doing the signing campaign well, keeping the important players and then we’ll see.”