Braida leaves from Ravenna in D: he will be Vice President. D. Mandorlini takes on the role of DS


As we had already anticipated, there would be changes in the organization chart of Ravennaand here in fact is the son of art Davide Mandorlini has been appointed new Sports Director of the club; but he is not the only figure who takes over in the Giallorossi, given that the club will make use of the precious collaboration of Ariedo Braida, who will take on the role of Vice President.
Here is the official note:

“A few days after the closing which will mark a new chapter in the more than one hundred year history of the Ravenna Football Club, the future Giallorossi President, Ignazio Cipriani, through this press note, begins to lay the foundations for the ambitious future of the club:

The transfer of ownership of the Ravenna Football Club will be officially formalized in the last week of June coinciding with the conclusion of the sports season. This moment represents a milestone for the club and marks the start of an exciting new phase for us all. With the new management, we are ready to embark on a path of growth and success, bringing the Ravenna Football Club to new goals.

The relationship with the previous company management and the first steps in the Giallorossi world
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the old club for their commitment and dedication to the Ravenna Football Club. The collaboration we established during the transition period was characterized by great professionalism and openness, facilitating a smooth handover.
I was impressed by the infrastructure I found: a well-organised and well-managed structure, which demonstrated a deep respect for the club’s history and values. Furthermore, I really appreciated the passion and dedication of the staff, who always proved available and collaborative, allowing us to integrate the new strategies without difficulty.
This solid foundation represents an ideal starting point for our future project. With optimism and determination, we are ready to lead the Ravenna Football Club towards new goals and successes.
Starting in December, we started a period of operational support to ensure a smooth transition and effective management of the Ravenna Football Club. This period was essential to strengthen our organizational structure and prepare it for future challenges. Paolo Scocco took over the supervision of daily operations. At the same time, Davide Mandorlini concentrated on supervising the sporting part.

The love for Ravenna and the reasons that led to this choice
I grew up with a deep passion for football and despite my 24 years spent in New York, Ravenna has remained the city of my heart, a special place in my life.
This year I had the opportunity to acquire the Ravenna Football Club. Combining my personal ambition with the love for this sport, I decided to undertake this adventure to pay homage to the city that gave me affection, emotions and beautiful memories. I will work to bring the team and Ravenna to Serie A, writing together with its inhabitants and all the fans a new and glorious page in the city’s history.

Officialization of the new reference figures
I am pleased to make official the new reference figures who will lead the Ravenna Football Club in this new phase of our history. Each team member brings with them extensive experience and specific skills that are essential to our future success.
Ariedo Braida was appointed Vice President. With a prestigious career and a deep knowledge of the world of football, Ariedo will be a fundamental pillar for our strategy and institutional relations.
Matthias Baldassarre assumes the role of CEO. Mattia, with his management experience and entrepreneurial vision, will lead the administration of the club, ensuring sustainable growth and effective resource management.
Paolo Scocco is our new General Manager. With his experience in operational management and his ability to optimize internal processes, Paolo will be the point of reference for all the club’s daily activities, ensuring efficiency and quality in every sector.
Davide Mandorlini he was appointed Sports Director. Davide, with his technical expertise and experience in the world of football, will be responsible for the sporting management of the club, including the supervision of the youth sector and the first team.
Lorenzo Tonetti is our new Club Relations Manager. Lorenzo will be responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with our partners, helping to strengthen the bond with the club.

The presentation of the sports project
The Ravenna Football Club press conference will be held in the week from 1st to 5th July. This event represents a crucial moment for our club, as we will present the new sports project.”