Marseille accelerates: De Zerbi is one step away. France after Italy, Ukraine and England

Roberto De Zerbimanager who left Brighton at the end of the season, is one step away from Marseille. As reported by Sportitalia, the French club has accelerated in recent minutes and the coach said yes, considering Ligue 1 as a further important step for his career. After Sassuolo, he coached Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine, the Seagulls in England and now he would land in France.

De Zerbi received the award named after Nicola Ceravolo yesterday and spoke to Italpress about his future as follows: “I like coaching, then we’ll see where to do it. I had a good time in England, let’s see. The important thing is not where I will coach , but it’s like going, like being in that place. I’ve always been used to choosing with clarity and without getting caught up in the anxiety of necessarily having to train. I’d like to go to another country where I haven’t been, try to make the same impression I play in different places. I believe that the Italian coaches are the best, always at the forefront, in terms of understanding of the game few can beat us. The environment outside changes, with us the result changes everything, abroad we live differently even in Serie C, coaches can be decisive in giving you discipline, organization and confidence, but they don’t win matches. In the end, whoever has the strongest squad overall wins. Spalletti has done a miracle in Naples not from today, for many years.”