G.Rossi: “Fans worried by Ibra’s words, Zirkzee risks skipping”

TMW Radio

To comment on the news of the day a Maracanatransmission of TMW Radiowas Gian Luca Rossi. In particular, he had this to say about Milan’s choice of Paulo Fonseca: “There is concern at Milan. Something different was expected from Ibrahimovic today.

Many Rossoneri didn’t appreciate what came out, there were even those who would like to desert the stadium. In Milan, seeing Conte in Naples and Thiago Motta at Juventus didn’t please the Rossoneri fans. He must say that Fonseca is the best in the world, but say that Conte or Motta were not taken because they did not meet certain parameters when they were searched for… And in any case, Ibra’s words make it clear to the fans, the risk of Zirkzee skipping there is, since he said they don’t do charity.”