Cittadella, Marchetti looking for reinforcements in C: two talents from Arezzo and Giugliano in the sights

As usual the Citadel Of Stefano Marchetti to prepare the squad for the next Serie B championship, he is looking with interest at the best talents of the Lega Pro.

Which is what the Venetian general manager is doing in these first days of the transfer market.

According, in fact, to Corriere del Veneto in the sights of City two prospectuses are finished: Emiliano Pattarelloleft-handed attacker, 24 years old, last season atArezzo he collected 8 goals and 6 assists (which is also liked by two other cadet clubs like Cosenza And South Tyrol) And Flavius ​​Di Diooffensive winger born in 2002, was among the cornerstones of the Giugliano in the last two years, and apparently, he will not renew his contract with the Campania team which expires on 30 June.

On the latter, however, there are the aims of Catanzaro for Serie B and tandem Avellino-Benevento in the third series.