Bologna, Italian: “Three lost finals? But we forgot the path to get there…”

The Bologna coach spoke at a press conference today Vincenzo Italiano he spoke about the three finals he lost as coach of Fiorentina: “We often forget how to get to the final… I believe that the path that led to the finals with Fiorentina has value. A great coach like Gasperini also reminded me of this , on the last day of the championship. The hope is that for my part there will be a way to play in other finals and win this time.”

What do you expect from the attacking wingers?
“We want them to be effective, Orsolini has shown that he knows how to make a difference and changes the game plan for his opponents. The more creativity there is in front of him, the better. Orsolini, Karlsson and Ndoye have the right characteristics.”

What convinced you to choose Bologna?
“After getting through the Conference semi-final I concentrated on preparing for the final, then there was also the recovery of the championship and in the end there was a lot of bitterness because I believed in that victory. In the following days I had the opportunity to continue talking with the directors and there has been no problem. They have been my collaborators for many years and now we will see how to integrate with some figures.

What is the main curiosity about your arrival in Bologna?
“Every professional knows where they go to work and understand people’s moods. Here in Bologna I know that people want to see a team that has a passion for the game… then I too will soon want to make myself known to the fans, who I have already seen in square to celebrate”.