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Avellino, Benevento or Vicenza? None of the three. And in the end Carrarese won, who thanks to the direction of Antonio Calabro conquered Serie B. “We weren’t a surprise. At the beginning of the year the company declared that it had set up a team to aim for the top three places”, Calabro tells TuttoMercatoWeb.com.

Last year Lecco was surprisingly promoted.
“No, we are not like Lecco last year. This is a team that was built from the beginning to try to excel. If we look at the return round, in all three groups Carrarese together with Vicenza had the highest average points.”

Will we start with you again next year?
“I have an agreement with the club also in the case of Serie B. I imagine a tough championship. Serie B has tough parameters, different from Serie C. It will be a very difficult tournament.”

Are you already thinking about the market?
“We enjoyed the party yesterday. Then we’ll think about it.”

On paper you will start as a lowly considered team…
“And we are fine with this role. Like no one even considered us in the playoffs. Football is constantly changing, compared to five-six years ago I am a more mature coach. That year I didn’t win the B on the pitch. Conquering it on the field has a different flavor.”

What coach is Antonio Calabro?
“I’m always critical of myself. And this allows me to grow and improve. This year I adopted a 3-4-2-1 which for me was the best system for this team. However, I recognize that I always want to find the right outfit for the team.”

His model?
“Antonio Conte. As well as Gasperini. But Baroni also did very well, this year he repeated himself in Verona and has become an important coach”.

The best messages you’ve received?
“Two, by Saverio Sticchi Damiani and Pantaleo Corvino. Instead, we spoke with Stefano Trinchera by phone: I was very pleased.”

Dreams for the future?
“I don’t live much on long-term dreams. I am always projected on daily dreams and I want to improve myself. The aspiration is to become an important coach. I ask myself daily dreams.”