Venice, who in Vanoli’s place? From Vivarini to Zaffaroni, all the names being examined by Antonelli

Torino has chosen Paolo Vanoli for after Ivan Juric. The Venezia coach, author of the beautiful ride that brought the lagoon players back to Serie A, would have already accepted the advances of Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati, but the negotiation is long and laborious. In any case, in the end, the agreement should arrive and Vanoli will sit on the grenade bench, leaving a void on the orange-green one.

Who in Vanoli’s place?
Thus, with Vanoli heading towards Piedmont, the full replacement has opened up in the Venezia house. According to what was reported by Tuttosportthere are three names in the running: Vincenzo Vivariniready to say goodbye to Catanzaro, Marco Zaffaroniwho with sporting director Antonelli has already worked at Monza, and Salvatore BocchettiZaffaroni’s deputy at Verona.

Antonelli’s words
In recent days the sporting director Filippo Antonelli declared: “We thank him for the great work done, we worked well. Now we will find another one. Maybe I expected it because in any case we had already put an exit clause in the renewal, this is football. Venice is a place where you have to come to work hard, if the motivation is no longer there it’s right to go. I think motivation is everything, we’ll look for another coach.”