Turin, new summit today for Vanoli: defender Idzes also requested. Vagnati’s plan

Torino has chosen Paolo Vanoli for after Ivan Juric. The Venezia coach, author of the beautiful ride that brought the lagoon players back to Serie A, would have already accepted the advances of Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati, but the negotiation is long and laborious. Vanoli is linked to the orange-greens by a contract and a clause worth one million euros, which Torino is trying to cancel with the inclusion of some counterparts (Karamoh, Seck, Ilkhan, Horvath the Granata’s proposals to Venezia). In recent days the talks have been repeated, in search of a framework which for now does not exist.

Intrigue Idzes
There is more. Vagnati tried to mix up the cards by asking Venezia Jay Idzes, 24 years old, central defender who made a good contribution for the promotion to Serie A. Torino (and Parma too) like the Indonesian international and the technical director is trying to make a complete package with coach and defender together. Today there will be a further summit with the orange-green sports director Filippo Antonelli to discuss everything.

Vagnati’s strategy
The grenade director’s plan? Build a single package, Vanoli+Idzes, selling Dembelé and adding between 3 and 4 million cash. Alternatively: Vanoli immediately in exchange for money with Dembelé at Venezia on loan with right, and negotiations for Idzes postponed to a later time. But now it’s up to Venezia to act: and find the new coach as soon as possible, given the growing risks. Reporting it is Tuttosport.