Towards Euro 2024: Spalletti has no stars but many hungry players

The blue group is in Germany. We’re here now. The first match of the group against difficult Albania is scheduled for June 15th. There is a lot of anticipation around coach Spalletti’s national team. There is a strong desire to replicate the feat of Euro 2020 when, an Italy certainly not among the favourites, lifted the trophy in the unforgettable final at Wembley against England. Images of Mancini and his team’s exploits are continually shown, almost as if to “push” the Azzurri into doing it again because it was magnificent. Honestly, there are many points in common between this national team and Mancini’s winning team. First of all, exactly like three years ago, there is not an absolute champion in the squad. The national teams with the most chances of bringing home the European trophy have at least one top player to rely on, Italy has none. A limit? Maybe but it’s not certain. Spalletti’s luck (the same as Mancini’s) is that he has many players who are hungry for glory. Two above all: Scamacca and Frattesi. They have known each other all their lives, they have just finished a decidedly positive season with their club and now they have the chance to make the whole of Italy dream. Scamacca, after listening to many belittle his talent (including me), is demonstrating that he has made the leap in quality necessary to try to become Italy’s reference offensive terminal. Frattesi is a one-of-a-kind midfielder. His runs, combined with his insertions, can short-circuit any defense.

Two ambitious Italians who can’t wait to show that they are ready to make their contribution. I wouldn’t forget Buongiorno either, who has a great desire to confirm himself at the highest levels.
Then there are the usual certainties. There is no point in dwelling on Donnarumma. He may be hated by the AC Milan fans but someone like that gives a lot of confidence between the posts. In defense the experience of Bastoni and Darmian is not so easy to find elsewhere. In midfield, if there are no unforeseen events, Barella knows how to give rhythm to the Azzurri’s maneuver. Personally I would focus more on Fagioli as the Inter player’s partner but Jorginho is not the latest arrival. Finally, in attack, never bet against Chiesa. If he is physically well, he can do everything, even lead us with assists and goals. At a particular moment in his career, he needs a great European Championship to relaunch himself.
In short, Italy starts with the lights off but, if they get through the group, they could truly become a very dangerous loose cannon. We know how to get excited in big events and it seems that the right conditions are there for us to do something magical, once again. Having Spalletti as orchestra conductor gives me even more serenity. And to say that I couldn’t stand it years ago but, as they say, they are stupid and never change their opinion…