Serene tones but tough positions. Naples and Di Lorenzo are still very far away

At home in Naples, the situation continues to hold sway Giovanni Di Lorenzo. As reported by Sportitalia, despite the tones being calm and the parties having agreed on a non-belligerence pact until June 30, the parties’ line has not changed. The technician Antonio Conte was present at the meeting, as was the sporting director Giovanni Manna and the defender’s agent Mario Giuffredi. Obviously absent is the footballer, who is busy in the pre-European training camp with Italy in Germany.

As reconstructed by the broadcaster, the Neapolitan coach confirmed his intentions: “I will go to war to keep him”. However, the defender’s agent reiterated the player’s intentions: “Mister, let’s leave, there’s no need to even talk”. Conte does not give up and also does not like that the Napoli captain is moving to Juventus, a direct competitor of Aurelio De Laurentiis’ club for a place in the Champions League and to win the scudetto.

Conte would have reiterated that, when he agreed to coach Napoli, he placed two conditions on his owner: retaining Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. Sky Sport has underlined that recomposing the situation will not be easy, given that the right back, who can also play center back if necessary, is rather upset and tense due to a whole series of things in which he has been involved.