Sarri: “The environment at Lazio is flat and the team is numb. Napoli? They will finish in the top 3”

Maurizio Sarriformer coach of Napoli, Juventus, Chelsea and Lazio, returned to speak at Corriere della Sera after a few days, labels were attributed to him: “Crowded calendars and pitches that were often not up to par? Yes, I repeat it. The point is that Klopp and Guardiola also said it but no one commented, if Sarri is the one who complain and then open up. I’ll ask you a question: would you let yourself be operated on by a surgeon who has a rusty scalpel? Well, a footballer can’t play on an unsuitable pitch.”

Leave Lazio and the money.
“Flatten environment, numb team.”

Is Conte the right man after such a disappointing season?
“Napoli will have to make a journey, change the way they play. Luckily, Conte is very quick in these situations to convey his mentality. I don’t see them outside the top three, the positive side of last year is that they lost ground but they were and are a strong team.”

How do you evaluate your period at Juventus after the experience at Napoli?
“It was a journey of great suffering, with lots of arguments in the family. Let’s say that as a Napoli fan I struggled. I shouldn’t have left Chelsea, that’s it.”