Sarri: “No calls from Italy? I’m sorry. Ok young people, but experience is a value”

After the farewell to Lazio, Maurizio Sarri he hasn’t found a team again and is currently waiting for a call. He spoke about this situation in an interview given to Corriere della Sera.

With the waltz of the coaches in Serie A, haven’t you received any phone calls?
“Not from Italian clubs, unfortunately. And honestly, I’m a bit sorry, there were free benches in teams that I imagined could be good for me. I wasn’t even asked for a chat. It’s the presidents who decide, of course. But I deserved it to be listened to for at least a quarter of an hour”.

Are you referring, for example, to Milan and Fiorentina?
“They were two teams suited to me, of course.”

Has an explanation been given?
“We are focusing on young people, and that is also good. But experience remains a value, it should not be thrown away. Just look at the age of the coaches who won the Conference, Europe and Champions League this year: 63, 66 and 65 years old. It’s not a coincidence. Then, of course, if no one looked for me it was probably because I did something wrong too, an intimate reflection must be made.”

What if it was because of the labels that have been attributed to it over the years? A few too many complaints…
“Crowded calendars and a pitch that is often not up to par? Yes, I repeat it. The point is that Klopp and Guardiola also said it but no one commented, if Sarri is the one complaining then the heavens will open up. I’ll ask you a question: would he let himself be operated on by a surgeon who has a rusty scalpel? Well, a footballer can’t play on an unsuitable pitch.”