Sacchi: “Italian in Bologna? He already has experience, he gives a playing style to the team”

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Arrigo Sacchi spoke about three coaches who have changed teams in recent days: Vincenzo Italiano, Marco Baroni And Raffaele Palladinowho went on to lead Bologna, Lazio and Fiorentina respectively.

Do you like Italiano, Baroni and Palladino?
“In different contexts, such as Florence, Verona and Monza, they have shown good things. In their new roles I read an appreciation for the work done and, if we want, a promotion. I think I can say that these three have deserved the future”.

How do you see Italiano at Bologna? From the Conference League to the Champions League it is not a short step.
“Italian is a boy who has already accumulated a fair amount of experience. I have been following him for several seasons. In my opinion he is a strategist, who tries to give a specific style of play to his teams. And in Italy, I often repeat, we need a wave of strategists to ensure that football returns to being as the founding fathers thought it would be, that is, an offensive and team sport.”