Rome, five Premier clubs on Abraham: also Tottenham and Everton on the Englishman

Tammy Abraham can leave the Capital: the Corriere dello Sportreiterating that Roma is currently looking for a center forward who can provide certain guarantees in terms of goals.

Roma’s number 9, who arrived three seasons ago for 42.3 million euros, could now pack his bags to guarantee Roma a little treasure to add to the transfer budget to strike at targets that could be more useful to De’s new course Rossi. Because in fact now the English center forward could be too many, and his last months in the Giallorossi, those after his return from his latest injury, add to the previous season of disappointments, missed opportunities and the skepticism that has become increasingly greater regarding his skills as a goalscorer.

There are currently five clubs interested in him. Aston Villa, West Ham, Leicester, Tottenham – as he adds The messenger – and, for a few hours, Everton too. Some for one reason, some for another, all five clubs need a reinforcement in attack and are strongly interested in Tammy: purchase price 20-25 million. Aston Villa have not yet lost hope of taking a potential crack at the Premier League. The club was also negotiating him a year ago, and was about to shell out a considerable amount that would allow Roma to recoup their investment from the previous season.