Pres. Albanian Federation challenges Italy: “We win 1-0. But I hope it will go to the round of 16”

The president of the Albanian Football Federation Armand Duka spoke to TVPlay of the talents of his national team in view of the match against Italy on Saturday, which will open the European Championship of the two teams: “Bajrami is certainly a good footballer, with great technical quality. But we count on everyone because football is a collective sport.”

Hasa’s future will be Albanian: “Hasa (Juve Next Gen footballer, ed.) will be a player for our national team and will not choose Italy. Am I sponsoring Broja at Milan? If he arrives in Serie A I would be happy but now in training camp no one is thinking about the transfer market.”

The prediction on the challenge: “We win 1-0. For me it would be nice if Italy were to win the European Championship with us at least in the round of 16. In 2015 we had a friendly match against Italy in Genoa and our fans sang the national anthem Albanian and Italian. We hope to both progress to the round of 16. After the European Championship, it is a pride for us to be at Euro24 for this event like Italy, Croatia and Spain. We are also a good team because we have a good run in the qualifiers. Will we be happy if we qualify for the round of 16.”