Palermo, the market revolves around Brunori. Case, Green and Coda if he were to leave

The Palermo market – he writes The Corriere dello Sport on newsstands this morning – revolves around the future of Matteo Brunori. The striker waits for a signal from the new sporting director Morgan De Sanctisbut if he were to leave for a sum of no less than 5 million euros, the club would take immediate action to keep the level of the Rosanero attack high.

The ideal profile could be that of Massimo Coda, a striker owned by Genoa, who wore the Cremonese shirt last season. The expert attacker could continue in the grey-red (this is a request from Stroppa), or look for a new adventure: Modena is also following him.

Profiles accustomed to B
Palermo – writes the sports daily – is looking for players who are ready and accustomed to Serie B but also have knowledge of the top flight. The two names in Palermo’s sights are Giuseppe Casoleaving Frosinone, a Daniele Verde of Spezia.