Naples, De Laurentiis takes a step back: Conte and Manna decide on technical issues

Aurelio De Laurentiis in a new version with the advent of Antonio Conte at Napoli: the owner ready to take a step back to make room for the coach and respect the hierarchies of the roles. Today’s edition of La Repubblica writes this, also in light of the meeting had with agent Mario Giuffredi on the case linked to Giovanni Di Lorenzo, at which the president was not present.

The Italian president is truly taking an unprecedented step backwards and Napoli’s new course has therefore begun with an unprecedented change of direction: in the name of the rigorous division of roles, tasks and responsibilities. The number one of the Neapolitan club has not stood aside, let’s be clear, but above all they are now on the front line Antonio Conte and Giovanni Manna.

Yesterday was above all Giovanni Di Lorenzo’s day, at the center of the thorniest case of the Italian restart. Conte and Manna agreed with De Laurentiis the line to follow in a morning meeting and then the president left, leaving Conte and Manna alone during the subsequent afternoon meeting with the captain’s manager.