Mazzocchi remembers Gerardo Salvucci: “I lost a brother who loved Salernitana”

The funeral took place this afternoon Gerardo Salvucci, historic warehouseman of the Salernitana, who passed away prematurely due to a sudden illness that struck him while he was on the beach. It was quite impressive not to see any current Salernitana footballer alongside the team manager Salvatore Avalloneof the SLO Mimmo Napoli and those responsible for the communications area.

The one who didn’t want to miss the appointment was the former defender Pasquale Mazzocchitoday at Naples who, intercepted by our editorial staff at the end of the religious function, declared the following:

“He was an extraordinary person, who deserves the presence of everyone involved in the Salernitana world. A born worker who didn’t make you feel bad about his bad days, always with a smile on his face”.