Maifredi: “Di Lorenzo, if he sees an interesting project, he will reverse course”

TMW Radio

Talking about different topics a TMW Radioduring Maracanait was mister Gigi Maifredi.

Naples, Di Lorenzo wants to leave but Conte holds him back. Can the technician mend the issue?
“The coach has many possibilities to do certain things. Di Lorenzo is a serious person and linked to Napoli, beyond what has happened in the last year. He is the captain, the one who has always put his best foot forward. He has an existing contract and this stops the possible move. He is the captain, if he sees an interesting project, and I am sure that is the case with Conte, the reversal will be normal, he knows that he is an important part for the coach and for the fans.”

How do you see Spalletti’s national team?
“I think everything will depend on how he plays on the pitch. If you play with four at the back, the backbone is two. I think it’s more important to understand how Spalletti wants to play. We have the possibility of creating an important team, but it’s difficult to do so. Frattesi and Chiesa behind Scamacca with a sort of 5-2-2-1, we wouldn’t go anywhere. Frattesi must never be left out, he has intuitions that few have in Italy. Frattesi at Bellingham could have been a disaster, but He’s never tried it.”

If you had to make a choice between Dybala and Soulé, what would you do?
“Soulé had a decent championship, Dybala determines whether he is well. However, he is often injured and it is a discriminating factor, but despite these limitations he always chooses Dybala”.