Lecco, Aliberti introduces himself: “No promises. Priority to the new sporting director”

The first words from number one arrive Lecco For Aniello Alibertientrepreneur who took over the shares of the Lombard club from Paolo Di Nunno:

“We do not want to give the figures of the agreement – we read above Lecco Channel News -, spent or not spent changes nothing. The ambition is certainly to have a dignified Serie C championship and why not in the hope of promotion? But it’s not my habit to make promises, I want a team that doesn’t float but is ambitious: football is not an exact science, we won’t save money but we won’t go on crazy spending.”

On the sporting figures who will take the reins of the new course, he then states: While the negotiation continued I was aware that we would be late and that we will have to start at full speed. We have contacts with the sporting director and coach: they will have to confirm their availability, but I don’t rule out Malgrati’s stay. My priority is the sporting director to put the team together. Regarding the structures, everything should be revolutionized: there are constraints dictated by the Municipality, but I have wonderful ideas to make the stadium more beautiful than it is today. In part I can do it, in part it is up to the homeowner: I have had several conversations with the mayor, I don’t want to cause controversy but as soon as possible – shortly – I think it is appropriate to prepare a project to understand how the Municipality can participate. There are two fundamental points: aesthetic to give a more beautiful impression, then functional but spaces must be created to improve”