Lazio, Spanish-style rejuvenation: Munoz and Obrador, Barça and Real Madrid in the sights

Lazio’s eyes on the gems of Real Madrid and Barcelona: according to what the Corriere dello SportLotito and Fabiani are aiming for two La Liga gems like Rafa Obrador And Cristo Muñoz, emerging kids targeted for the summer of rejuvenation. The objective is to lower the average age, the hope is to find talents capable (over time) of bringing the quality bar back up. If it’s cheap, like the two Iberian ones, so much the better.

Cristo Muñoz (full name Cristóbal Muñoz López), Barcelona B’s attacking midfielder, a year younger than Obrador (born in 2005), would arrive on a free transfer. Lecce di Corvino would also be on his trail, always attentive to child prodigies around Europe. Muñoz will leave the Blaugrana, Lazio has inquired, they would have to beat the competition especially from Almeria, the club where he grew up until 2016. Then he played at Malaga and on loan at Unión Deportiva Pavía.

In short, Patric and Gila style operations, which however arrived at a more advanced age. The two Spaniards, purchased in 2015 and 2022, landed in Rome at 22 years old. Obrador and Muñoz are now 20 and 19, they would have to wean even more (especially the second), to wait patiently in Formello.