Juventus, this is who Greenwood is: a controversial character, he was reborn at Getafe

For several days now the name of Mason Greenwood is compared to that of Juventus, even though they have not yet entered the heart of the market. The young man born in 2001 is a target for the role of attacking winger, but the request of Manchester United of 50 million euros scares the Bianconeri a bit, ready to put “only” 30 on the table. But who is this Englishman who has bewitched Thiago Motta and Cristiano Giuntoli?

His career start seems like that of a predestined because he joined the Red Devils’ youth sector at just 7 years old and made his debut with the English in the Champions League at 17 years and 156 days, becoming the second youngest in the club’s history. His main characteristics are his versatility, which allows him to play wide on the wing or as an attacking midfielder, but also the ability to kick well with both feet, despite preferring the left.

In January 2022, however, a terrible episode risks seriously compromising his sporting, but above all human, growth. His ex-girlfriend in fact reports on Instagram with photos and audio of violence suffered by the young footballer, who at the age of 21 was suspended by his club, but above all arrested by the police. The nightmare has just begun: he is released on bail, but in October 2022 he is accused of secretly trying to contact his ex-partner and arrested again. Once again he manages to be released on bail and on February 2, 2023 he can deliver the awaited sentence: all the charges against him are dropped, including attempted rape, aggravated violence and coercive behaviour. In the meantime, however, he returned with his girlfriend and in July 2023 she gave birth to a child.

The rest is recent history with the loan to Getafe and the beginning of a new adventure, in which he returns to show his qualities that could already be glimpsed before this fuss. He plays 36 games between LaLiga and Copa del Rey, scoring 10 goals, enough to convince the Old Lady to increase the pressure on Manchester United to buy him. The Red Devils want to sell him, but they don’t offer discounts because they know his qualities: they need 50 million euros. Meanwhile he has already said yes to Juventus.