Juventus, it’s Motta’s day. Law firms at work, but the marriage is done

Everything says today will be the day of Thiago Motta to Juventus, writes today the Corriere dello Sport. If it were tomorrow it would only be due to legal quibbles that are being sorted out at the moment. However, the marriage is done – until 2027 – and from the concentration with which we worked yesterday, the impression that the strings could all be pulled overnight, arriving at the signing and announcement today, is very high.

Thiago, after a full immersion in tennis at Roland Garros, which is Paris, home, is enjoying his real home, Cascais. A few steps away, in Lisbon, Alessandro Canovi works on the papers in liaison with the Juventus legal office. And Giuntoli? He has already done what he had to do, in this phase his physical presence can be replaced by a telephone direction, by close contacts which absolutely exist and will exist in the next few hours.

Legal firms working at full speed all yesterday between Lisbon and Turin, meanwhile Motta has started to outline what his Juve will be: Rabiot and Danilo are two knots to untie (the Frenchman’s one is nice and intricate), Calafiori would be the symbol of that player who knows how to express the precious Mottian flexibility, but Bologna asks a lot.