Italy, Cristante: “Tough group for us as for our opponents. No missteps”

The European Championship is ready to start. The international competition will begin with the match the day after tomorrow between Germany and Scotland which will see Italy defend the title won in 2021. The Azzurri will take the field on Saturday evening in Dortmund against Albania for the first round of the group stage. A complicated group that also sees the presence of Spain and Croatia. He knows it well Bryan Cristante who analyzed the grouping and the Azzurri’s opponents. The Roma midfielder spoke to the official UEFA channels as follows:

“Albania is a strong team, as are all in Europe. They are difficult to face, they have many players who play with us and against us in the league. They certainly know us well, they know how to face us and perhaps this is the biggest But we know that if we give 100% and stay focused on the goal, we can win. Starting well becomes even more important in a group like this.

All the matches become fundamental: Spain and Croatia have shown in recent years that they are great teams, but we have shown it too. Just as it is tough for us, it is tough for others too. We know it and we cannot afford missteps.”

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