Endless chaos in Ancona, Serie D needs a miracle from the Municipality

In Ancona she raced against time to try to save what could be saved, she wrote this morning The Adriatic Courier: “Tired of the words, the press releases, the buck-passing that comes from what remains of the management of Us Ancona after the club’s failure (and grotesque) non-registration to Serie C. The mayor Daniele Silvetti, at this moment, is the custodian of the trust of an entire environment, the red and white one, which hopes for a miracle from the Municipality. Translated: the Serie D in supernumerary is difficult, both with the current registration (with related credits, but above all debts). with a new one from article 52 Noif”.

The words of the Mayor of Ancona on TV Play
“The appeal? It would be useless because there are no concrete conditions for doing so. The payment for salaries within the deadline was never made and therefore there is no point in appealing. There is a paradox because there was the money for one to make a guarantee but not to pay salaries. We had some signs of Mr. Tiong’s inactivity, so much so that we even sent some warnings due to projects that were started and then not completed. So yes,. I hear that the responsibility lies with the company.”

The Mayor announces a battle
“I will take every possible action regarding the damage to the Municipality of Ancona. Furthermore, we as the municipal administration also have problems of public order. Ancona Calcio is obviously a question of identity for the city. In recent days I have seen people cry , many are also trying because Ancona has restarted from the first category several times in recent years. New buyers? There is something but it won’t be possible to restart from a category higher than Serie D. I will try everything to restart football in city ​​but it is clear that the interests of third parties are also at stake. We hope that the FIGC will ask us for direct intervention.”