Empoli, accelerated for Tutino. But until Saturday Cosenza has the right of redemption


Everything to write the future of Gennaro Tutinovice-bomber of the last Serie B with 20 goals with the Cosenza shirt, a roadmap that made him the best Italian scorer between Serie A and Serie B. Empoli is now thinking of the player, who would have accelerated for the attacker owned by Parma, a company with which it has excellent relations given the deals already concluded for Grassi and Pezzella, among others.

In any case, Cosenza has until Friday evening to redeem the ducal-owned striker, who had the best season of his career, scoring 20 goals in the championship with the Wolves shirt (best seasonal striker ever).

By paying 2.5 million (in three instalments) to Parma, president Guarascio could raise the club’s ambitions, but the ambitions of the player must also be considered, who would like to play his cards in Serie A. If the Wolves were not to exercise the redemption , Tutino would temporarily return to Parma, only to be sold to one of the many suitors, possibly even for a higher sum than the ransom agreed with Cosenza. Definitive news will arrive this week.